aaaaaaaaand 'm bak. xD;

 wow. micro hiatus more like. xD; what, one day? lol. computer is fixed~ :D 


my real account is nekkou, and you'll find it under my friendslist on this account. if you want to add me to friends, add me from there, ok? i am a very bored type of ...thing...and i love to talk to everyone! (and anything! lol. i talk to my cat all the time. <___<;  no plants though, at least.) 

umm....i accept paypal ONLY, please. 

all payments in $US.

ahhh....what else...

oh yeah! 

i am open for trading! >:3

i am interested in.....

Doujinshi (FMA, Naruto)
Stationary (Letter Sets, Shitajiki, mechanical pencils)
misc trinkets...maybe ;3

will NOT trade for...

figures/models/statues (i have no room on my shelf as it is)

i don't know what else to put here, so if i forgot anything, just let me know. >w<


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i'm new at doing this kind of thing, so if i'm missing anything, let me know! please teach! X3

NOTE stuffz

no pics, sorry. i do not have access to a working scanner (my 3-in-one printer wouldn't work for scanning anything other than flat paper- besides, the damn thing's broken. lol), and don't own a digital camera, because i am teh suck. D:

ALL DVDs $12 and less!

all of my DVDs are in excellent condition, no deep scratches, no pieces missing, no chipping, none of them skip or anything like that. all are USA domestic versions. no bootlegs or 'imports'. i make sure all my discs are playable on my PS2 (my only means of watching DVDs), and if they work well with my console, which is more finicky than my cat Salemn, then they'll probably work even better on a regular DVD player. :3

on to the stuffz! :D

DVDs For Sale:

Fullmetal Alchemist vol 1+tin artbox+OST - $27**
Fullmetal Alchemist vol 2-5 $12 each
Fullmetal Alchemist Movie - Conquerer of Shamballa $12
Rayearth Thin Pak Complete First Season- $20
Rayearth Thin Pak Complete Second Season - $20  TRADED
Trinity Blood vol 1-5 $12 each
Amazing Nurse Nanako vol 1-3 $7 (SOLD)
Fruits Basket vol 1-4 complete box set - $34 
Gunslinger Girl Box Set $30
All-Purpose Catgirl Nuku Nuku OVA $7


** if you'd rather have just the DVD for $12, let me know.


okokok. um...i don't really know how to make these kind of posts. :/ guess i'll have to wing it!

in this post, i will be selling MANGA. most in English. some in Japanese (yay for me- i can read them with decent furigana!). i keep all of my manga in near-mint condition with minimal shelf wear. none of the pages are bent in any of them. basically, it's like you're buying froma retail store, minus the retail price. xD;

Manga For Sale:

Mushishi vol 1 - $5  (v2 SOLD)
Trinity Blood vol 1-2 - $5 each  (v3+4 SOLD)
Naruto vol 16-20 - $4 each
Cowboy Bebop vol 1 (not shooting star) - $4
Only The Ring Finger Knows (not novel, it is a manga) (shounen-ai) - $6
Beyond My Touch (shounen-ai) - $6
Golden Cain (one-shot. yaoi) - $6
BITCH ANGEL (japanese, one-shot, hard yaoi) - $6
Jigoku e Michizure (japanese, one-shot, hard yaoi) - $6   (SOLD)
Hana no Gakuran HONEY (japanese, one-shot, yaoi) - $6  (SOLD)
Okane ga Nai! 1-5 (japanese,hard yaoi) - $6 each
Absolute Boyfriend vol 1-3 - $5 each
Vampire Knight vol 1-3 - $5 each
.Hack//Legend of the Twilight vol 1-3 - $4 each
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa (futanari. mostly drama) $6 each


Novels: paperback=$1   hard cover=$2

Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton (adult vampire romance. overabundance of sex and lots of swearing) none of the books have been read. i have paperback volumes 1-14 and volume 15 which is a hard cover.

Strange Candy by Laurell K. Hamilton (Anthology of short stories) paperback. never read.

Prom Nights From Hell by Various authors that include Meg Cabot and Stephenie Meyer among several others. every story is based on prom night with a paranormal twist. there is shelf wear on the stem and corners of the book, but no tears. paperback